About plant-dyed colors

I use plant-dyed colors for my pictures. Most of the dyeing is done by myself, using flowers from my garden (marigold, amaranth, coreopsis),  onion skins, or black walnut from the woods near our house, as well as some exotic, imported dyes. I love experimenting with different blends and shades, and use very many hues in each picture. Plant-dyed colors are bright and radiant, and always harmonize with one another.

My pictures are available glazed or unglazed. Behind glass, the pictures require no special care. The unglazed pictures, which are felted almost into a soft fabric, come with a cedar back and the simple care instructions that appear below. The pictures should not be hung in direct sun. The best place is generally on a wall next to a window.

Care Instructions

Do not hang in direct sun.

Though not necessary, about once a year unglazed pictures will benefit from dusting and pressing:

To dust, hold the picture with the wool side facing downwards and gently pat with the back of your hand.

To press, use a warm iron on a wool setting with plenty of steam. Press the iron down gently for a second and lift off; repeat across the entire picture.